27th April 2021

Card schemes prepaid cards issued by Cornercard Uk Ltd.;
important notice

Dear Zeux Cardholder,

We are writing to inform you about some important changes to your Prepaid Card issued in cooperation with Zeux.Zeux has decided to discontinue its Prepaid Card program with Cornercard UK Ltd. ("Cornercard", "us", "we") and we are informed you have received a termination notice from Zeux which takes effect by 27th April 2021.

With effect from 27th April 2021, Cornercard will take over management and administration of any remaining balance on your Zeux card.Accordingly, as soon as possible you should redeem your residual funds on your Zeux Prepaid Card in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for Card Schemes Prepaid Cards Issued by Cornercard UK Ltd ( ("General Terms"), that constitutes your current card agreement with us. You can continue to use your card to make purchases and cash withdrawals as normal and we encourage you to use your card to redeem your funds promptly.

As permitted under section 10 of the General Terms we are also providing notice of changes to your existing card agreement. Below is a summary of the key changes:

  • As issuer of your Prepaid Card, we will continue to ensure proper and secure management of your funds, but the administration involved carries with it certain associated costs. Accordingly, after the expiry of a two-month notice period we will charge a one-off fee of £12 for opening a file ("Administration Fee") and a monthly recurring fee of £2 for the management of your funds. These fees will be applied directly to your card balance. The first charge will be applied on 28th June 2021.
  • We have also introduced a new section 17 which addresses the issue of how to contact us regarding redemption of your funds post termination, and sets out an obligation to provide us with the information and documentation we request in order to process redemptions.

Your New General Terms and Conditions
For your convenience, a copy of the revised General Terms is attached with this email and can be viewed and downloaded any time here.

Yours sincerely,

Cornercard UK Ltd.


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